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English proofreading by Carla Thompson

My word is my world. Word is a body of consciousness. The spoken and written words that we call language become our second nature. They are meant to be a tool to express ourselves and communicate with each other. Some babies start to learn baby words and then gradually upgrade to adult language, some go straight to learn adult words. Someone can only learn one language for the whole life, while others can master a few languages with proficiency.

Word can serve well when understood multi-dimensionally. That is why in St. John’s Gospel it stated that in the beginning, it was word, word was with God and word is God. The word is Logos. Logos is manifested as Universal Law whose primary term can be expressed in words as All-That-Is or Energy and many others. This tells us the origins of the word and its creations in the world of form.

However, if word is utilised only as a language in this dense 3D world, it mostly serves for separation as the Tower of Babel intended to confuse through languages. I experienced this confusion when I came to England from China to study and work in different research fields later. Not only did I encounter the language barrier, but also the distinctions of mindset which inherently carries with the words used in different languages, such as Chinese, English, German, Russian or Hebrew. People speaking their native language would think in the way that the language was taught with a unique mentality. It is the mindset that I found, is the most challenging part to recognise and reconcile if one tends to master a new language. This barrier and mental distinction contribute immensely towards the separation of mankind as one often feels mystic and unknown towards people speaking in different languages.

The same holds true in different scientific and humanitarian subjects. As a research scientist, I have been working in many fields such as chemistry, biomaterials and cell/micro biology in addition to my personal pursuit in religion, history and esoteric studies. They all have their own distinguishing terms or words to narrate the concepts as if they were all compartmentalised  from each other. We don’t know what our “neighbour” is doing because they speak in different languages. However, did I see a resemblance between a cell structure and a holy temple? Did I see human as a cell of the universe? Did I see a link between chemistry and alchemy? Did I see the connection between geography and astrology etc.? The answer to all those questions is YES. Once the natural reveals itself to us, the veil breaks down. Finally, we realise that the compartments used to serve the 3D world through separation in different fields can be unified once our consciousness and perspective are enlightened and expanded in the light of the multi-dimensional mind. The ever extended beings which we all are will encompass all and return to All-That-Is. The wall falls, thus the war vanishes.

Words carry energies and can shine in whatever languages they are expressed. In some languages, connotation of the word is intricate to the meaning of it, such as the following 5 Chinese characters, (Gold), (Saliva), (Spirit), (Capital City), (Crystal). They all pronounced as Jin(g), thus carry the same vibration/frequency regardless their meanings. Interestingly enough, they all mean the top qualities in their own aspect. The same holds true in English and(Crystal) connects with the word Crystal which has a similar connotation with Christ. Crystal and Christ signify Crystalline body and Christ consciousness as they match perfectly in vibration/frequency. These reveal to me that in the 5th dimensional new earth, it must be a Golden age as a Spiritual world with Christ Consciousness and the Crystalline body, just from the perspective of connotation of the words. This conclusion is derived from two separate languages, Chinese and English. Therefore, there is no room for mistakes here. Language separates, but words unite.

Moreover, the initial of both crystal and Christ is letter C, pronounced as “see”. This connects with word “Seeing”. This could be a coincident, but wisdom is embedded in this connection to show us that the pathway to gain Christ consciousness is through understanding or seeing. Let’s look at those two words carefully “See” and “Understand”, which are interchangeable in many occasions. They actually explain to me what the “third eye” is. Eye suggests seeing in a 3D world. However, in a spiritual world, seeing means understanding and wisdom. Of course, one can both “see” and “understand” something of a higher dimensional nature as well. Therefore, “seeing” and “understanding” bear the multi-dimensional illuminations through the third “eye”. I see that this is a river of life within one’s inner world of collective oversoul consciousness to bless one with cosmic love, abundance and gifts. I am discovering the joy and bliss with this divine essence that beats in my heart. This is the essence of life in immortal realm of 5th dimensional new earth.

[In Chinese, there are many characters expressing the meaning of “seeing”, such as看、见、视、观、望、瞅、瞧、顾、瞥etc. among which“”is used favorably in Chinese esoteric society (especially in mainland China). It implies to perceive through inner spiritual eyes, not physical eyes and emphasises the images or contents one can perceive in Chinese Buddhism practice circles. It is the first word in the Heart Sutra in Mahayana Buddhism which was translated into ancient Chinese by Master Xuanzang in the Tang dynasty. This word was rightfully selected and pinpoints the core topic of the whole Sutra.


The above two characters are the simplified and traditional versions of “(seeing)”. In the simplified form, it consists of two parts“(other)”and“(seeing)”which imply “seeing other way”. In the traditional form, it consists of “(a kind of wading birds)”and“(seeing)”which was a parable of ascension taught in ancient Chinese Buddhism practice circles. It was also the most popular word in ancient Taoism as all the Tao temples were called “(seeing)” as a sign to represent the Universal Principle. Note: Mark]

Furthermore, Elohim, as a Hebrew word, is the plural form of both masculine and feminine nature. It denotes that God has a perfect balance of masculine and feminine spirits. They are two in one. It simply indicates a sacred union in the inner world to unite both energies and this is the pathway towards perfection, harmony and peace for those who understand it. There are multiple steps to achieve ultimate enlightenment, but nevertheless, the truth is embedded in the word for us to behold.  

Word is a double edged sword. It hurts and it heals. For years, it brought many blessings to me like heavenly dew. May we speak and write with the highest nobility and in the beautiful spirit that carries love and light.



Dear Wendy,

this is an excellent article on a key topic with which I have dealt on many occasions. Although this topic is so obvious and central to human existence, it is amazing how little meaningful discussion exists. Linguistics and semantics in the West have descended to obscurity and have completely misunderstood what the word is all about, just as physics admits that it does not know what energy is, although it is entirely a science of energy interactions. I read with great interest your elaboration, giving examples from the Chinese language and I begin to comprehend how much different Chinese is from European languages, also known as the Caucasian group of languages, and this augments my admiration for you and Mark with regard to your translations of my books and articles in Chinese.

As I did not have any suggestions regarding the content of your article as it is perfect the way it is and addresses the Chinese people whose way of thinking and mentality you know very well, while I am not competent at that, I only asked Carla to proofread the text as a native English speaker. She is correcting all my articles and she is very good at that. I am enclosing below the revised English version and wish you a great success among your Chinese readers. I am also very happy for you that you have embraced my suggestion to begin writing articles expressing your personal views and am very confident that you will have very soon a great success in your country as you are capable of presenting a truthful synthesis of Eastern Chinese with western culture and tradition, and this is what all your countrymen surely need and appreciate a lot.

With love and light





文字本身具有多维度的含义。圣经约翰福音中的第一句话说道:起初,有文字,文字与上帝同在,文字就是上帝。这里的文字是指理则之神(God of Logos),理则显化为宇宙法则,其基本术语可以用诸如万物一体,能量以及很多词来表达。作为意识和神的展现,上面这段经文揭示了文字的起源以及它在有形世界中的创造功能。



无论用哪一种语言表达,文字总是携带着能量。有些语种的特点是文字的发音与其含义密切相关,比如以下五个汉字:金,津,精,京,晶. 尽管它们意思不同,但发音相同,所以携带着同频的能量。有趣的是,它们都含有最佳的意思。而且,汉字的晶与英语的水晶是同一个意思。英语中水晶与基督这两个单词发音相似,而且它们分别代表水晶体和基督意识,因为二者发音相似,所以频率相匹配,暗示水晶体和基督意识的合谐。单从文字发音这个角度,它给出了一个非常重要的启示,即五维新地球一定是一个灵性(精)的黄金(金)时代,人们以水晶体(晶)形式存在并拥有基督意识。这一结论是综合了中英文两种不同文字得出的。因此不会有差错。它深刻地反映了尽管语言有分离效应,但文字是相通的。

并且,英语水晶(Crystal)与基督(Christ)这两个单词的第一个字母都是C, 它的发音与单词”看”(see)是一样的。这样把水晶/基督和”看”字联系起来了。这也许是巧合,但其中隐藏的智慧向我们指明了理解或”观看”是获得基督意识的途经。下面让我们分析一下英语单词”观看”(See)和”理解”(Understand)。这两个单词在很多场合是通用的。它其实暗示了”三眼”的功能。在三维物质世界中肉眼的功能是观看。但在灵性世界中,观的意思是理解和智慧。当然也包括观看到高维实相的景象。因此,通过”三眼”的灵性角度,它不仅丰富了”观看”和”理解” 这两个单词,而且赋于它们多维度的智慧光芒。我从中”观看”到的是流畅于内在的生命之河,她聚集了灵魂的集体智慧,孕育着无限的爱,恩典和丰盛,时时刻刻带给我们无尽的祝福。伴随着我内心深处神圣的精华,我正体验着这流之不竭的喜悦和快乐。这就是不朽的五维新地球的生命本质。






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