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How Mind Devolution and Negative Soul Contracts Plunge Humanity into a Dark Quagmire


By Mark Wu, November 8, 2018

Translated by Wendy Xia from Mandarin into English

Revised and supplemented by George Stankov

Contracts have been the norm in modern society. People make contracts for medical assistance to heal the physical body; for employment to sustain daily life; for joining a political party to gain social status and for marriage to seek love. Contractual agreements become a medium for people to fulfil and hedge their inner desires or solve inner conflicts through external means.

Tracing back into history, we can find the link between human Fall from Grace and the idea of written legal contracts among humans. The following extracts from Mahavastu of Buddhism in 2 B.C. deals with the origin of contractual agreements between human beings:

In the early days of the cosmic cycle mankind lived on an immaterial plane, dancing on air in a sort of fairyland, where there was no need of food or clothing, and no private property, family, government or laws. Then gradually the process of cosmic decay began its work, and mankind became earthbound, and felt the need of food and shelter. As men lost their primeval glory, distinctions of class arose, and they entered into agreements with one another, accepting the institution of private property and the family. With this theft, murder, adultery, and other crime began, and so the people met together and decided to appoint one man from among them to maintain order in return for a share of the produce of their fields and herds. He was called "the Great Chosen One" (Mahasammata), and he received the title of raja because he pleased the people.

When the ancient Greek philosopher Glaucon, the older brother of Plato and a sophisticated interlocutor in many Dialogues with Socrates recorded by Plato, proposed the idea of social contracts, mankind had already lost the connection to its own divinity which led to the illusion of separation and selfishness. Thus, various conflicts emerged, based on the archetypal pattern of duality and separation “good versus evil” and entered the historical stage:

They say that to do injustice is, by nature, good; to suffer injustice, evil; but that the evil is greater than the good. And so when men have both done and suffered injustice and have had experience of both, not being able to avoid the one and obtain the other, they think that they had better agree among themselves to have neither; hence there arise laws and mutual covenants; and that which is ordained by law is termed by them lawful and just. This they affirm to be the origin and nature of justice;—it is a mean or compromise, between the best of all, which is to do injustice and not be punished, and the worst of all, which is to suffer injustice without the power of retaliation; and justice, being at a middle point between the two, is tolerated not as a good, but as the lesser evil, and honoured by reason of the inability of men to do injustice. For no man who is worthy to be called a man would ever submit to such an agreement if he were able to resist; he would be mad if he did. Such is the received account, Socrates, of the nature and origin of justice.

With time, more traditional thinkers, such as Locke, Hobbes and Rousseau also voiced their own views on social contracts which had a huge impact upon societal structures and the collective human mind. It seemed to be the perfect solution for all conflicts when human race faced disagreements.

According to the Universal Law of All-That-Is = energy, the nature of interaction among people, and between people and the society is exchange of energy. Therefore, human contracts represent the legal aspects of energy exchange and thus become established law and jurisdiction. These systems are intertwined in all human civilisations and determine social evolution since recorded history began. Just like the monetary system of enslavement, social contracts are another alternative means of successfully restricting and limiting human consciousness and impeding its infinite expansion through an authoritative two-dimensional paper agreements between two parties, even though it provides a temporary superficial peace until the contract is broken unilaterally by one party. History teaches us that all contracts are broken at some point in time, and there is no more convincing example than Trump and the USA government in the current End Time as they unilaterally pull out of all international contracts this country signed in the last several decades under false pretext.

When the concept of legal contracts becomes solidified in the collective consciousness as the only binding means of resolving human problems, it affects profoundly the minds of the people through the written, often deliberately incomprehensible jurisdiction slang on a two-dimensional sheet of paper. With it, many other restrictions such as marriage relationships, legal contracts between individuals, companies and parties, including the relationship between the citizens and the state, or between states, ethnic groups and alliances, including the legalisation of dictatorship have been created. Such legal contracts overwhelmingly determine group consciousness and have substituted and obfuscated the primordial spiritual covenant between the incarnated human personality and her soul as the nexus to the Source. These social contracts are human invention and a poor interpretation and substitution for the only truly valid contract of the human entity with his soul and All-That-Is as his creators.

The fact that the unilateral termination of all kinds of contracts occurs rather often shows that they cannot resolve any of the people’s inner conflicts or disagreements with other entities; on the contrary, they aggravate them in most cases. This is then manifested as external chaotic events. The current exponentially growing level of social chaos in the Western world where the adopted legislation by the national state fails so blatantly is perfectly demonstrated by the Senate and other governmental institutions in the USA nowadays whose daily behavior defies the very legal framework they are supposed to create and protect.

From the perspective of the New Gnosis of the Universal Law on Human Evolution, one should develop a transcendental point of view on the true nature of all social contracts, namely that they are simply perpetuating the illusion of separation of the human ego-mind from the Oneness of all Existence. This ongoing and deepening spiritual separation of most humans has led to the acceptance of binding legal agreements as panacea for all human problems, as the insane obsession of all Americans to resolve all their personal issues through litigations in the court displays in a very convincing manner. Hollywood has produced innumerous trash-movies around all kinds of lawsuits as the only possible means of implementing social and personal justice that can only be described as repulsively unripe, especially from the point of view of all ancient thinkers as presented in Plato’s dialogues. This demonstrates that human angst caused by agnosticism has reached its culmination with the development of naked materialism and utilitarianism in the present modern and post-modern time. However, not a single human problem can be truly resolved from the position of human angst, by punishment and condonement, which is the foundational world view in all forms of modern jurisdiction that only leads to further separation and creates more problems.

The current Orion system is based on promoting survival fears through activating the reptilian brain (cerebellum) in the human brain and suppressing the function of the pineal gland and the hypophysis through numerous chemical and electric agents; the latter build the “third eye” of human mediality and establish the energetic and spiritual connection to the soul and the Source. For that reason most humans consider themselves to be weak biological creatures, subjugated to the pitiless forces of natural selection according to the insidious Darwinian principle of the “survival of the fittest”. They firmly believe in the illusion of being surrounded by malevolent forces and live a life full of constantly perceived uncertainties and perils.

Therefore, they deny themselves the conscious knowledge of being creators of their own reality and destiny. They restrict themselves to one or few specialized areas of social and professional activities as the best possible strategy of survival and are uncapable of expanding their knowledge and awareness beyond that throughout their whole life. Hence the necessity of numerous lifetimes on this planet in order for the incarnated personality to make her baby steps in her spiritual evolution. This is the mental and psychological attitude that forces most humans to give up their own power to someone else – e.g. to corrupt politicians - to organize their lives as they think they are not competent to do this on their own.

Driven by such fears, the human ego seeks a perfect security from the dangers of the external world and embraces all the self-proclaimed experts and gurus that populate the present-day society and only contribute to their further separation from the Source. Humanity is divided in victims, seeking help and saviors offering help. The victimhood complex and the Stockholm syndrome thrive perfectly in such a climate of existential angst as humans love to delegate their own power to all kinds of scoundrels. This human condition determines the current disbalance of energy exchange between the vast majority of human victims and their alleged hijackers in the disguise of saviors. In most cases, such pathological human interrelations are enshrined through legal contracts written on a piece of paper.

The principle of last equivalence of the primary term of human consciousness - All-That-Is = Energy - proves that all human communication at the level of the mind as verbal ideas and at the level of the psyche as emotions is simply energy exchange. And all energy exchange should be in balance. This is the utmost form of justice which All-That-Is provides for all its Creation. When victims need saviors to help them, the energy exchange is entirely imbalanced as all human beings are in reality equal sovereign creators. This imbalance is then augmented and cemented as a social order through the judicial system of written contracts. The masses of victims pay with their energies to their self-proclaimed saviors, and first and foremost, to the national state as the guarantor of their alleged security in form of labour, money (taxes) and emotional dependence through obedience which the savior vampires demand from them as a reimbursement for the deliberate manipulation of their lives.

This is the Stockholm-syndrome of the present-day humanity. Written social contracts cement this human condition of being the eternal hostage of dark forces by pretending to create justice. This phenomenon can be seen in the recent American midterm elections and the current political situation in the EU (see below George’s reply.). The impending quantum shift will first expose this sick situation which humanity has created for a very long time and with the collapse of the old matrix their will be a total reset of all human relations.

As ascended masters we will teach the masses that emotional dependence on other people with the aim of survival are 3D-constructs of limited fearful human consciousness. The moment humans realize that they are immortal beings, this kind of low vibrational thought forms will be eradicated from this planet. Therefore in order to achieve this goal one must begin to remove all written and unspoken contracts that determine human behavior Now as none of them will survive the incoming quantum shift.

There is no need to continue feedings the numerous tragedies caused by such contractual agreements. However, in the current End Time we observe an escalation of such dramas, especially among the so-called light workers which I will discuss below. This shows the unbalance of energy exchange between humans which is now being exposed and leads temporarily to a devolution of the human mind; this allows the dark agents to spread their toxic views one last time like fishers fishing in murky waters before they disappear from this ascending earth


I received a question from one of my reader regarding the elimination of negative soul contracts. To be honest, I am new to those so-called light work circles and I don’t know as much as some people do. However, I observe some strange ideas. The idea of negative soul contracts is one of them. At the time, my group was promoting a meditation in order to eliminate these contracts by suggesting that one needs a global popular meditation in order to help people improve their life quality.

My intuition told me that it would not work. I didn’t have sufficient spiritual knowledge to defend myself, it was only my own perception. That is why I spent the last two years studying and trying to find the answers from within.

When I passed this question to Dr George Stankov, I hadn’t found the right perspective yet. This also indicates that our journey on the spiritual path towards enlightenment on this dark earth is both long and tedious and requires a lot of dedicated inner work. It is easy to fall into traps along the road. Meanwhile, it proves that only small number of people can ascend with Gaia after extensively working on their personalities. These are the light warriors who dare to face themselves with all their virtues and vices and overcome and transform their egos thus creating the new earth.

Now let us elaborate as to how dark entities suck energies from human victims by exploiting their desire to eliminate alleged negative soul contract in collective meditations. As stated above, there is an energy imbalance between victims and fake forces of light when victims give away their own power and expect external authorities to liberate them from negative soul contracts. Such humans that feel victims of pre-existing soul contracts, which may be true or not, cherish the illusion that they need saviors from other worlds, such as ETs, galactic federation of light or galactic courts whose dubious names often appear in new age literature and ask for permission to remove such negative contracts. They use meditations that are written by such dark forces that are channeled by compromised new age gurus and fake masters who only take away energies from such victims to strengthen their egos.

In this case they eloquently conceal the fundamental fact that every human being is a sovereign creator of his reality and can determine which soul contracts he desires to keep or dissolve. This is what human free will is all about. That is why light warriors, but also any human being who does not directly participate in the cleansing of Gaia and humanity from dark energies has the ability and the potential to easily defeat and eliminate such dark entities and vampires that feed from the human energetic fields by using the seven sacred flames from the source and also employing the lightsabre that every human being is endowed with upon incarnating in a physical body.

Humans are not an easy prey to such vampires but can eliminate them anytime if one recognizes their presence in one’s fields and expresses the firm desire to do so. In this case there are infinite benevolent light beings from the higher realms – angels and archangels – who only wait for a human being to express the desire to be liberated from such dark entities and they immediately help and expel them. Only today there is a new message from Daniel Scranton that confirms exactly this fact.


Therefore, becoming an independent light warrior is a pre-requisite for a successful journey towards full enlightenment. What we need to do is to connect with our higher self or soul rather than with any external force and increase our frequency and energy through persistent inner work. The energy comes from All-That–Is. The promotion of negative soul contracts was the trick of dark forces in order to feed human’s energy from 4D and harvest more human slaves with them to lower timelines earth when ID shift happens.

Ideally there should be no pre-existing contracts with dark entities and if this could happen on the earth since the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria, it was only possible because the dark forces utilized human fears to bind them in evil contracts at the astral plane in order to force these incarnated human beings serve their evil purpose. And the ultimate goal of all these archons and Luciferian forces from the astral plane was to prevent ascension of Gaia and humanity as with it they will descend themselves to very low timelines and will have to begin with their painful incarnation cycle which these dark forces have successfully evaded so far by sponging on human incarnated souls which are God’s sparks and connected to the Source.

All dark entities have severed their conscious connection to the Source even though they are still part of All-That-Is, as otherwise they will not exist, and have tried to evade karma for a long time. With the ascension of Gaia and portion of humanity, this unhealthy situation has come to an end and all such dark entities will have to begin with their horrific and very long incarnation cycle as they have accumulated so much karma that they need many difficult lives and a lot of suffering to overcome.  


A question about the negative soul contract.

Dear George

I received a question from a reader, but I didn't know how to answer it because I didn't have the relevant knowledge.

It was a question of eliminating the negative soul contract, and he asked whether everyone, in incarnation, had signed a negative karmic contract with the dark ones, as some gurus of esoteric claimed. Are the prayers advocated by these gurus to request the intervention of the galactic courts to eliminate the validity of these contracts?

I've heard that many people who have been kidnapped by aliens have advocated ways for the galactic courts to eliminate negative contracts, but my intuition tells me that such contracts are ineffective for light beings like ours. I don't know what you think of this idea.

With love and light



Dear Mark,

this is a very human and dark interpretation of the free will of the incarnated soul and its ability to create. Such interpretations come from dark agents and communities and there are a lot of them that are disguised as new age gurus and groups of the light.

While it is true that some soul fragments have been compromised for a long time and have agreed to become agents of dark archons and other insidious entities from the astral planes for many incarnations, they can liberate themselves as soon as they firmly wish that. In that case they do not need any permission from any external authority, as this is the perpetuation of the already existing condition of being hijacked and manipulated by dark forces, but only to connect to their soul, the Higher Self and eliminate all negative forces from their personal fields.

The invocation with the 7 sacred flames which we have given is very effective, also the use of the lightsabre with which one can eliminate any dark entity from his fields by symbolically stabbing it in the heart works all the time. Even if this appears to be a symbolic procedure, the energetic effect of the lightsabre, which every human beings possesses when incarnated on the earth, is very real and immediate. We have eliminated in this way numerous dark entities from our fields and have a vast experiences and can recommend it to anybody.

This leads us to a second very important observation. The possession with dark entities is not a single static situation. It happens very often, especially if one is a light warrior as there are constantly dark entities that are attracted by our bright light which we emanate all the time and come to our fields to sponge on our energies. That is why one has to be very cautious and attentive and as soon as he discerns some dark influences, he must repeat the invocation above with the seven sacred flames and the lightsabre. We are doing it now daily as in the last days there is much dark energies that are being liberated from all humans and also from Gaia after her last magnetic surge and cleansing as they can be no longer anchored in Gaia's grids.

We are doing this procedure now daily and were urged to do so by both Mother Mary and Amazonia who appeared to us a few days ago to warn us about the energetic turbulence we will encounter in the coming days. I can confirm that this is now happening and the last two days we full of eliminating a lot of dark energies from the USA during the midterm elections, but also in Europe where the EU is now collapsing very rapidly and its last bastion Germany is in a similar political gridlock as the USA after the midterm elections yesterday.

All dark influences are now squeezing themselves and manifest their inefficiency as they stick to old thought and behaviour patterns that are no longer compatible with the new higher frequency energies from the Source. Very soon many people who are now rapidly raising their frequencies and awakening will notice the true nature of the dark cabal and their stooges which are now mostly represented by the liberals and globalists in the USA and have found a shelter in the democratic party. But of course all governing forces the world over are full of dark entities and ideas and they are now being neutralized very quickly, so that the people will finally realize that they should not expect anything from them and should not delegate their power to such dark entities to govern them. If they do so as in the USA they will go under.

The aim of any true awakening is to become a sovereign creator being and not to give your power to anybody else who wants that. Please observe that enlightened beings do not want to exert any power over others and this is the proof that they are of the light, just as anybody who wants to exert power over others is of the darkness and has to do the inner work first to turn into the light or, if not, go under. Eventually a large portion of humanity will not ascend and will continue with their incarnation cycle on lower 3D worlds. The schism is happening now and this causes a lot of chaos and insecurity as also the old matrix must collapse.

As I said, this has commenced with the latest elections in Germany and the USA. The UK is in a gridlock and a steady downfall since the Brexit vote two years ago. In France Macron is also highly unpopular and his so called party, which is an artificial conglomeration of failed political ideas, is now trailing behind the national union of Le Pen in the coming EU elections. The only stable strong Western country is now Italy and it is firmly in the hands of awakened alternative politicians and this is entirely the result of our light work and presence here. I am very happy to have introduced one of the ruling party "5 stelle" five years and to predict correctly its success, when everybody was laughing at its founder Beppe Grillo as a comedian:


 The other country with a stable government in Europe is Austria because it is part of the city of light New Raetia and our work in Lofer that harbours a healing centre of the light.

These are not random coincidences but the result of our light work to create the city of light New Raetia in Central Europe and in Italy since many years as reported on our website. It is also the most convincing proof for the validity of all our reports and assessments on the ascension process which we have made throughout the years without losing the red thread and the inner logic of the energetic events leading to the ascension of Gaia and part of humanity, and in this form represents a unique chronicle of the End Time of this humanity.


With love and light




作者:马克兔文 2018.11.8





在柏拉图所记录的苏格拉底的许多对话中,柏拉图的哥哥格劳孔(Glaucon)是一位老练的对话者和古希腊哲学家,当他首次具体提出了社会契约(social contracts)的观念时,人类已无法再与自己的神性连接,分离意识产生私有观念,进而出现了各种矛盾,以二元性的“善与恶”的分离原型模式进入历史阶段:




















人类不是这种吸血鬼的容易到手的猎物!如果你认识到它们出现在你的能量场,并表达了这样坚定的愿望,那么你随时都可以消灭它们。在这种情况下,来自更高领域无限仁慈的光之存有——天使和天使长,在一旁只等人类表达出从这些黑暗实体中解放出来的意愿,然后立即出来协助并驱逐他们。今天来自Daniel Scranton消息就证实了这一事实:





















正如我所说的,这是从德国和美国最近的选举开始的。自从两年前英国脱欧公投以来,大不列颠陷入了僵局,经济持续下滑。在法国马克龙也极不受欢迎,他所谓的政党是一个失败的政治思想的人工组合,在即将到来的欧盟选举中落后于勒庞的全国联盟。现在唯一稳固的西方国家是意大利,它牢牢掌握在觉醒的另类政治家手中,这完全是我们光工作和在场的结果。我很高兴在五年前就介绍了现在的执政党之一“五星运动”并正确预测其成功,当时每个人都嘲笑其创始人贝佩·格里罗(Beppe Grillo)是一个喜剧演员:







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